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  • Human Design clients

    Tobias Hofmeister - Co-CEO | Head of Technology & Innovation (United Kingdom)

    "It’s been super eye opening receiving my human design reading from Renske. Suddenly many of my tendencies that could previously be framed as weaknesses transmuted into unique strengths approached slightly differently. There’s a subtle air of confirmation about myself being perfect as I am in receiving this information. Truly beautiful, empowering and thought-provoking."

    Vetrivel Janakiraman - Continuous Improvement Leader Europe (Germany)

    "The concept of Human design was completely new to me and took me by surprise. I have never heard of this before. Coming from India, I am used to the Indian astrology system and I strongly believe in it. I was impressed with Renske’s in-depth knowledge on this subject. She really took the time to explain in detail with a lot of patience and humility. What was also impressive is the connectivity it has to the Indian astrology system. The session with Renske helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses, which In turn helped me to determine my key focus areas in order to be successful both in my personal and professional life. Thank you Renske for this and I highly recommend this to people who are serious in understanding what they are made up of (basically how they are designed ) and what they should do to gain control over themselves for success"

    Femke Eschweiler

    "Every step towards more awareness and inner peace gives me strength. It's totally OK the way I am. I experience to feel.

    My Human Design reading by Renske brought me closer to myself. I like to understand myself better and I got more personal insights from the reading. I consciously apply the tips I've received. It gives me space to feel and listen to myself before I act. I say my affirmation which Renske wrote in my personal HD rapport and it gives me strength and self-confidence. Some days I really need this."

    Dunja Jekel-Struik

    "Coming home and seeing and feeling yourself" are the first things that come to mind when I think about the Reading that I and my husband had by Renske. It made me realize even more how important it is to start living from my natural flow. As a result, it actually did start to flow. I have come into deeper contact with my inner strength and thus my own unique gold. There was recognition and I understood why I experience and feel things the way I do, see and feel them. Renske is fantastic. In addition to researching everything to perfection, she also uses her own unique strength which brings even more depth to the reading. The Reading has made me trust what I have to do here and since the session I cannot help but follow my natural flow. With beautiful twists and turns in my life as a result.

    And this is just the beginning!"

    Laxmi Easwaran

    "While receiving my human design reading online, I felt Renske’s invisible hand gently take hold of mine and start guiding me

    with the utmost sensitivity and care through my labyrinth, the journey.

    The information Renske provided was solid, full of incredible values, clear and concise.

    The reading was fun, and Renske was in her element. It was my second reading and worlds apart from my first experience. And, on top of that, the icing on the cake is the material you receive, again, excellent. I have gained profoundly. Truly grateful for this experience.

    I cannot express how well taken care of I was. I highly recommend Renske and am truly honoured to have had her do my reading."

    Gert-Jan Roth

    "Getting to know my personal manual, my qualities and resigning to what I can and cannot do and finding satisfaction in it...

    'Well, if only I had known this sooner', I said during the session.

    Renske said very calmly: 'Everything comes at the right time'.

    When we speak about attention, it can be given from the mind or the heart. Renske comes from a place of purity, in such a manner that the message and her explanation during our session came straight from the heart and therefore immediately stuck.

    I can recommend everyone getting to know their own blueprint for his or her life, so that you can create a flow that you could never have imagined! For me as a Manifesting Generator, waiting calmly and trusting that something will come my way to respond to, is a completely different mindset than what I'm used to.Exciting on the one hand, and soothing on the other.

    Are you taking on the challenge with yourself to decondition yourself from everything that made you who you are today

    and start living a life which is in alignment with who you really are?

    One thing I know for sure, this will really give you so much peace and strength. If you are interested in a session I'd recommend Renske!

    Dear Renske, thank you!"

    Jaap & Suzanne

    "Thanks for a truly inspiring session! Food for thought.

    The knowledge and insights you provided are a true gift for our relationship!"

    Fleur van der Linden 

    "Thank you for these beautiful sessions!

    This is so special, I will integrate this as a guideline for the rest of my life!"

    Mariska Huijnen

    "I attended Renske’s Human Design Workshop. After the workshop I intuitively felt a strong "YES, I want a personal chart reading!" Renske is a super kind and very pure person. She takes all the time to read your Chart and prepare before the reading, so that you really get everything out of it. I already knew a thing or two about HD, but the reading has ensured even more recognition and clarity. I now understand my stumbling points and how I show up in the world according to my blueprint. I absolutely recommend working with Renske. She genuinely takes time for you in a very calm and pleasant way. She knows a lot about HD. So give yourself the beautiful reading as a gift! It was enlightening and very valuable to me. Thank you very much Renske!"

    Carly & Richard de Ceuninck van Capelle

    Carly: "During a session about your Human Design chart by Renske you receive a lot of information in a short time.

    What's so nice is that there is a lot of recognition during the reading.

    The moment the information has sunk in a bit, you understand which reactions really belóng to you and you can really start trying out all the advice you have received. A fun time in which an increased sense of understanding for yourself is being created.

    It is an immense gift that you give yourself with this.

    Renske senses very well which information is important and she conveys it with love."


    Richard: "During the Quantum Human Design Reading I received lots of information. Some things fell in place immediately and other things did after some time. I myself call this 'playing' with the information received. Renske is someone who guides you calmly, lovingly and with integrity during the Reading.

    Her questions ensure that you get a clearer understanding about yourself and this way you can be more relaxed in life."

    Erica Spruijt

    "Everyone should gift this to themselves!
    I completely lost myself, was burnt out, had panic attacks and thanks to your reading I found myself again... this gave me the insights into who I am and what my strengths are. I often think back to this and it gives me so much strength.

    Thank you dear Renske!"

    Jeroen Snijders

    "It's super interesting!
    I participated in a full day Human Design workshop by Renske and it was a feast of recognition and awareness.
    Highly recommended for anyone who wants to gain insight into who they are."

    Joyce Dessing

    "It's very nice to work with Renske, because she creates a safe setting. I immediately felt at ease with her. She is approachable, loving and precise. She treats you and the information with respect. She knows how to tune in to your design down to the last detail and her enthusiasm takes you along. She also keeps it in the here-and-now, taking daily things into account so that the information becomes tangible. She really puts you into your own potential! She takes all the time and space to give you the best possible insight into your own design. A 'partner session' is also very insightful and she conveys this in such a beautiful way: She adds humor and depth into the sessions. In addition to being able to get so much out of HD, she is also highly developed intuitively. As a result, she adds just that little bit extra and gives exactly the depth that is needed. Renske really made me enthusiastic, so that I more consciously include my HD in daily life. I also feel the curiosity to go deeper into the parts of my own design. She touched on exactly what is needed. She's a living encyclopedia when it comes to Human Design and conveys everything so full of passion!

    Truly inspiring to work with her!"

    Isaac Kaufman - Actor, Speaker & Life Coach (Los Angeles, USA)

    "Renske is a modern day "medicine-woman". Anyone can simply read a chart to someone, but it takes very special kind of person, a special kind of healer, to intuitively feel her way into the deeper truth. Not just a general truth, but the specific truths which lies with the unique individual she is coaching. That, among other things, is Renske's gift - a gift which is she so clearly committed to sharing with others.I know this not only because of what she shared with me in my session with Renske, but also because I have spoken with others who have also had sessions with her. And each of us have astonished when sharing our unique experiences and insights from working with Renske. She helped me learn "new" things about myself which I intuitively knew were true, but now consciously aware of. She helped me remember crucial things about myself which have now crystalized. All of which has left me feeling grateful, focused, and empowered in moving forward to create the life I want.


    Trust your intuition, call Renske."