Deep Dive in your Design: 3 sessions (including your personal report)

Deep Dive in your Design: 3 sessions (including your personal report)

For the ones who:
Want to deeply understand and integrate their own unique design.
Are ready to start deconditioning and start building the new.

Human Design is a unique system that allows you to understand yourself on a much deeper level. How things work for yóu is visible in your personal Human Design Chart.

Why 3 sessions?
Mastery of your Human Design Chart takes time, dedication and experimentation.

What is it?
In 1 month we will schedule 3 sessions:

​1) The Foundational Reading after which you start experimenting with your design ((90 min).
2) After 2 weeks we go over all the extra details of your chart (The Advanced Reading) + we go over all your questions and findings after your first session (90 min).
3) After 2 weeks we discuss your progress and address anything else you would like clarity on.
In the meantime you will have access to me for practical questions regarding your chart and process (60 min).

As a certified Quantum Human Design™ Specialist I deep dive with you in your Human Design.
I also integrate Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Detoxing and Bodywork where needed.