The Indefinable Force within: A Mysterious Creative Spark that pushes us forward

Why learning to navigate the darkness is the way

· Creativity,Artists,Entrepreneurship

In the realm of guiding individuals towards their aspirations, there's a common thread that binds my clients and me together - the relentless pursuit of unlocking that intangible essence within them. It's that indefinable force that propels them forward, akin to a passion or an inner flame, an undeniable power simmering beneath the surface.

What's intriguing is that oftentimes, neither they nor I can precisely articulate what this 'something' is. It's a sensation, a drive that urges them onward, yet it eludes clear definition. This ambiguity can be disconcerting; it's like navigating in the dark, feeling our way forward without a clear understanding of what we're striving towards.

Whether it's entrepreneurs, high-performance professionals, or artists, they all resonate with this sensation. Artists channel it into their craft, entrepreneurs into their ventures, other professionals into their pursuits. Today, I had a session with a client preparing for her first public speech. Despite her inherent strength and qualities, there's that vulnerable spot we all encounter – the uncertainty of our purpose, the nagging question of 'what am I really doing here?'

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Yet, in this uncertainty lies a profound truth: we don't always need to have all the answers. It's not about having every detail meticulously planned out; it's about embracing the journey, leaning into the unknown. While goals provide direction, it's often this internal drive, this mysterious spark, that propels us forward. There's a peculiar enchantment in not knowing everything with absolute certainty. It's where the magic resides. When we relinquish the need for complete understanding and surrender to the ebb and flow of life, we tap into something greater than ourselves. It's in this sweet spot of ambiguity that creativity thrives, innovation blossoms, and true growth unfolds.

The minute that we know exactly what we are doing, it loses its magic. As a creative, embracing the darkness can feel vulnerable. We're often taught to have a clear path, to know where we're going before we take the first step. But what if I told you that sometimes, not knowing all the details is exactly where the magic happens? Picture the painter lost in the strokes of their brush, or the composer consumed by the melodies swirling in their mind. It's in this space of uncertainty, of navigating the unknown, that we often find ourselves creating our best work.

I often guide my clients through this process of embracing the darkness, encouraging them to trust in the journey, even when the destination is unclear. As high-performance professionals and creative individuals, it's not uncommon to feel lost in the darkness. We're conditioned to have clear goals and a roadmap for success, which can leave us feeling overwhelmed when faced with uncertainty. This can even lead to a sense of disconnection from ourselves, as we struggle to find our way in the darkness. However, it's precisely in these moments that I guide my clients back to embracing and navigating the darkness. Alongside setting clear goals, which is an integral part of my work, it's equally important to relinquish the need for control and embrace the process as it unfolds. Because in the midst of uncertainty lies our true creative power. It's in this beautiful sweet spot where we can let go of the need for certainty and allow our intuition to guide us towards our most inspired work. It's in the moments where the mind takes a backseat and the heart leads the way, that true creativity flourishes.

So let go of the need to always know where you're going. Shift from treading water to floating on the water and watch as your most inspired creations unfold. Instead of striving to decipher every detail, let's allow ourselves to be carried by the currents of inspiration and intuition. For it's in this dance with the unknown, fueled by that indefinable force within, that we truly discover and connect with our magical creative spark.